A middle school sex education book has some parents in Missouri outraged. The book called, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” is for kids 10 and up. It features cartoon illustrations of people involved in sexual acts.

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The American Library Association ranked it the most challenged book of 2005. A father with two children at Francis Howell School District has filed a formal complaint, but the book remains at the school’s library.

Today on Outnumbered, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow agreed with the parents who believe the book is too graphic for children.

“I’m not sure why schools even have to teach sex-ed,” he argued, saying that kids should learn about the topic from their parents.

Kirsten Powers noted that some parents are absent from their kids’ lives, and questioned why a 10-year-old would need to learn about this. But Dr. Ablow maintained that schools should focus on effectively teaching the basics of reading and writing.

Maria Molina said that her middle school and high school taught sex-ed, but the graphic images in the controversial book were not part of the conversation.

She said, “The normal thing is to explain to a teenager, hey your body’s going through certain changes, you may start to feel these things and that’s normal.”

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Also on Outnumbered today: do you think restaurants tailored for women are offensive or good marketing? These female-friendly restaurants offer smaller pieces of meat and chic décor. Actress Eva Longoria’s SHe in Las Vegas even provides a mirror on the dessert menu and fashion shows to entertain patrons.

Maria Molina thinks it’s a great idea for restaurants to cater to women, but Kirsten Powers said it “sounds like hell.”

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Now here’s a topic for the men out there and the women in their lives. Some men are finding a more permanent cure for balding. It’s a pricey procedure called micropigmentation and is similar to getting a tattoo.

Dr. Ablow said he actually fired his first psychiatrist because he had a comb-over.  

“He said why aren’t you coming back? I said two reasons. One is because you’re not comfortable with who you are and you’re trying to disguise yourself. And secondly, because you think it’s working.”

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