How can the newly formed House Select Committee on Benghazi get answers from Hillary Clinton and other current and former Obama administration officials? In a discussion with Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer issued a warning to committee chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) that he is entering "dangerous political waters."

Krauthammer said if the hearings "turn into a partisan circus" it could hurt Republicans at the polls in 2014. He explained that heading into the midterms, the main issues - ObamaCare, unemployment, and foreign policy failures - are all on the side of the GOP.

He believes that the Benghazi hearings "can only distract from this at best and really wreck it at worst."

But, the author of Things That Matter, noted that he is encouraged by Gowdy's statements thus far, including possibly calling the former First Lady to a deposition.

"[Gowdy] seems to understand that it's not the spectacle that matters. It's not the speeches made by the members of the committee. It's simply getting the facts. If this committee can uncover new facts, then it will have succeeded and the politics will take care of themselves," said Krauthammer.

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