Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she doesn't see any reason for further investigation into the Benghazi attack.

“That’s their choice and I do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in Congress,” Clinton told Robin Roberts of ABC News in a Q-and-A session in New York.

Clinton said she is "absolutely" satisfied with the answers she has received about the Sept. 11, 2012 attack that killed four Americans.

“I mean, of course, there are a lot of reasons why — despite all the hearings, all of the information that’s been provided — some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward,” Clinton said.

Kirsten Powers weighed in on Outnumbered today, saying Clinton realizes if more investigations go forward it will "not be good for her" as she mulls a presidential bid. Powers explained that prior to the Ben Rhodes email coming out, she was basically in agreement with those in the mainstream media that argued the Benghazi investigation had "run its course."

"Now [the email] raises the question of: what else is out there that they haven't told us yet? They really have been redacting information that should have been released in the first place," said Powers, adding that the mainstream media's "who cares" attitude toward Benghazi does not make sense.

"Since when is cherry-picking intelligence OK?"

The discussion then turned to Democrats' call for membership in the House special committee to be evenly split among both parties. Powers said the "problem" with equal numbers on the committee is the lack of interest shown in previous hearings on Benghazi by Democrats.

"We've already seen them sort of tune out when you have Gregory Hicks sitting there telling this very compelling testimony. They're just not interested," said Powers.

Watch the full discussion above, plus check out the full roundup of Thursday's edition of Outnumbered.