New security footage has surfaced and it appears to prove that a California teen did indeed stow away to Hawaii in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines plane. Yahya Abdi, 15, snuck onto the Boeing 767 in San Jose, then endured sub-zero temperatures at 35,000 feet on the five-hour flight.

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Authorities in Maui were amazed to see that the Somali immigrant had survived the journey, saying he was unconscious for most of the flight. Security footage showed the teen jumping the fence at San Jose International Airport and then crawling into the jet.

Abdi reportedly told police that he ran away from home following an argument with his father, who had apparently told him that his mother had died. When Abdi learned his mother was alive, he went to the airport and snuck onto the first flight he saw. It was simply luck that he ended up in Hawaii.

Abdi is now in CPS custody, while his mother has been located at a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Efforts are being made to reunite them.

The airport is still trying to figure out how the serious security breach occurred. Abdi is said to have been on the plane for six hours before takeoff. He may face a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing.

Watch the new footage above, along with the latest report from William La Jeunesse.

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