For $37,000 you can live in what used to serve as a shipping container. Steve Harrigan reported today on a new out-of-the-box idea that could solve several problems at once. Florida-based New Generation Builders is taking old cargo shipping containers and retrofitting them into dwellings.

To look at one, you might think of a mobile home, but the company's owner, Steven Sawyer, resents the comparison. He notes that when a hurricane comes through, it levels mobile homes.

But Sawyer says by using corrugated steel and concrete pilings to anchor down each side, his homes will be totally undamaged.

Sawyer also wants to target green buyers, since he's taking junk out of ports and turning them into homes. There are two models currently: 20 x 8 feet for $37,000 and another that is 40 x 8 feet for $57,000.

Both come with a fold-out sofa that's the size of a queen bed. This could be a wildly successful business model, since it only costs $2,000 or under to get a rusting shipping container from a port.

Would you consider one?

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