Greg Gutfeld this evening blasted the media’s hysteria over the White House’s new climate change report.

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The National Climate Assessment, four years in the making, gave a region-by-region breakdown of how climate change is impacting the United States -- in the form of droughts, heat waves and increasingly intense hurricanes, though it is still uncertain how much of that is due to "human activity." The report stopped short of definitively attributing a rash of extreme weather to man-made climate change, concluding "there is new and stronger evidence that many of these increases are related to human activities." 

"Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present," the 840-page report states. "Corn producers in Iowa, oyster growers in Washington state and maple syrup producers in Vermont are all observing climate-related changes that are outside of recent experience." 

The report predicts that the weather-related repercussions of climate change "are expected to become increasingly disruptive across the nation throughout this century and beyond." 

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“So why does this report call for a chorus of panic? To beat you into cowering submission so your wallet is more easily lifted? Perhaps. Or it could be that the data just isn’t enough. The computer models have failed, as most predictions flunked. The prior hysteria didn’t help. It put politics before science, so trust is essentially dead,” Gutfeld said.

“The Five” co-host said that the government and media are “intellectually bullying” those who don’t “parrot the panic.”

While the media used to question things, Gutfeld said they’re now “a megaphone for their master.”

Watch his full monologue above, and hear what the co-hosts of “The Five” had to say about the climate change report.

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