A woman filmed her own abortion, and then wrote about the experience in Cosmopolitan.

Emily Letts, 25, described herself as a depressed actress turned abortion counselor. She admitted that she hadn’t been using any birth control, adding that hormonal birth control scared her because of complications like weight gain and depression.

Letts said she filmed the abortion to show women that there’s such a thing as a “positive abortion story” and said she was in awe of the fact that she can make a life.

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The hosts of “The Five” weighed in on this controversial video and column this evening.

“So, what a coincidence: an actress, obsessed with her own importance, embraces abortion as an issue, gets pregnant and films her abortion, and an article from Cosmopolitan is born. Talk about planned unparenthood,” Greg Gutfeld said. He wondered if Cosmo would devote this much space to a story about a woman choosing to have a child, despite the inconvenience.

“See, the real villain here is the magazine who took advantage of someone who clearly needs help. The filmed abortion became her therapy and the fetus a prop for a column,” he said.

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Andrea Tantaros called Letts “deeply disturbed” and said the column makes it seem like she doesn’t care at all about the death of the child, calling it a “clear disregard for human life.”

Juan Williams called it a sad topic, saying “it just depresses me,” and Eric Bolling found it “absolutely disgusting” that Letts called the abortion a positive experience.

“So even when Americans are asked to pay for the contraception for everybody, they won’t take the pills that are free because it might cause weight gain?” Dana Perino asked. She also wondered about the father and whether he was consulted before Letts made this decision.

Watch the full debate above, and read the Cosmo article here.