In his new book, God Less America, Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes lays out in great detail the growing attacks on religious liberty and Christianity and the resulting culture war. Starnes shared just a few examples from the book in his appearance this morning on Fox and Friends.

Just a few of the examples include:

The Army classifying Christian organizations as religious extremists.

A high school valedictorian who sparked a controversy by tearing up his school-approved speech and reciting the Lord's Prayer.

Plus, a recent incident where a Florida teacher called a 12-year-old boy's parents after telling him he could not read his Bible during free time. You can hear audio of the phone call in the clip above.

It's not the first time that students in the United States have been prevented for bringing the Bible into schools.

"We either have a bunch of religious bigots teaching our kids or we have a lot of ignorant people who don't understand the law. It's one or the other. Because the law is very clear: this young man does have the right to read that Bible in that classroom," said Starnes, who believes attacks on religious freedom and Christianity have "spiraled out of control" since President Obama took office.

He argued that the teacher in Florida would not have said anything if a Muslim student had brought in a Koran to read.

Citing yesterday's ruling by the Supreme Court allowing prayers at the start of town council meetings, Starnes emphasized that American voters need to be aware of what's going on and make their voices heard.

"Huge victory. But the very concerning thing here is [it was] a 5-4 decision. That's why elections matter."

Watch the full interview, and find out more about getting an autographed copy of God Less America: Real Stories from the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.

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