Shocking video shows a man kicking a gray and white cat in Brooklyn.

Andre Robinson, 21, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty after video showed him kicking a cat, sending it flying through the air. Then, he is seen laughing and dancing on the sidewalk.

The Daily News reported that Robinson has eight prior arrests, which include one for robbing someone at knife point.

Sean Hannity discussed the video with psychologist Jeff Gardere and psychotherapist Robi Ludwig tonight on “Hannity.”

Hannity said the attack was “pure evil” and said he wanted to see this man punished.

Ludwig said Robinson clearly has an anger problem and is very sadistic, calling the violence a way to be provocative and, in some cases, to send a message.

Gardere said the suspect has anger issues and no humanity.

Ludwig and Gardere both agreed that Robinson needs psychological treatment, but also must face punishment for his alleged actions.

The cat has been located and put up for adoption.

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