An Ohio teen born without her right arm now has one, thanks to a social media campaign started by her friends.

Last fall, her friends submitted Torri Biddle’s story to a contest held by “The Buried Life,” which asked people what they wanted to do before they died. They also started a social media campaign using the hashtag #HandforTorri.

“The Buried Life” then teamed up with nonprofit Invisible Children and got the Hanger Clinic to donate a $150,000 bionic arm to the 19-year-old Ohio teen.

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Biddle was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” today to discuss the amazing gift she has received. She said she is now able to do so many things she couldn’t do before, like tying her shoes and hugging her dad with both arms.

“Every day I learn something new, and I do something different,” she said.

If Biddle’s YouTube video gets 1 million views, Hanger Clinic will donate a bionic arm to someone else. Watch her interview above and the YouTube video below.

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