A New Hampshire father was arrested after protesting a controversial book at a school board meeting.

“Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult is about a student who is bullied and then goes on a shooting rampage. The book, which contains a graphic sex scene on page 313, was assigned to ninth-graders at Gilford High School.

Parent William Baer says his daughter had the book for a week before he found out what was in it. He then attended a school board meeting to protest the assignment and the fact that parents had not been notified in advance.

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Baer spoke beyond his two minute time limit and got into an argument with another parent, who supported the assignment of the book. He was then arrested for disorderly conduct.

Gilford High School has assigned this book before, but always with parental permission. School officials said in a statement that they erred in not notifying parents ahead of the assignment.

Meanwhile, Picoult says her three children read the book, and she encourages parents to read it with their children.

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Baer will be on “The Kelly File” tomorrow night to share his story. Tune in at 9p ET for more.