Martha MacCallum took on Bob Beckel over the Obama administration’s stonewalling of the Benghazi investigation. On Monday, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was announced as the chairman of the House select committee that will investigate the 2012 terror attack.

Now, top Democratic lawmakers are pushing back by calling on members of the party to boycott the committee. Beckel believes the GOP is using the four victims killed in the attack as political pawns.

Last night on The Five, Beckel said, “I don’t care about the Republicans. I could care less. And I think any Democrat who shows up at this committee ought to [have] his Democratic registration taken away from him. It’s a sham and it’s a shame that the Republicans would use these people for political points.”

“How can you say that,” MaCallum asked Beckel on America’s Newsroom.

Beckel reminded her that he was the first person on Fox News to call it a terrorist attack. He also said before the 2012 presidential election that it was “pretty clear” that the attack was being kept away from President Obama on the campaign trail.

MacCallum interjected, “Why don’t you want to know the answer to that question?”

She brought up the email from top advisor Ben Rhodes which shows that the White House directed then-Ambassador Susan Rice to blame the protests on a video, and not a “broader failure of policy.”

Beckel said that email already tells us that Rhodes is the one who directed Rice to blame the video. “Did Obama invite him in to his bedroom and said we need you to say this. I doubt they’re ever going to get that far. There’s no breaking the law here.”

MacCallum wondered why Democrats, including former National Security advisor Tom Donilon, wouldn’t want to participate in the select committee if they don’t have anything to be afraid of.

Beckel said he has spoken to Donilon, who said that he wasn’t there the day of the Benghazi attack.

“He’s the National Security advisor. He was not in the loop?” MacCallum questioned. “Bob, our consulate is under attack in Benghazi. You’re telling me Tom Donilon says he wasn’t there?”

Beckel shot back, “What is it that you need to find out? Let me see if I can understand this now. What the Republicans are after, what you’re suggesting to me is we need to find out who got it in Rhodes head and said 'write that.'”

Assuming it was Donilon or someone from the campaign, Beckel echoed Clinton’s now infamous sentiment, “What difference does it make?”

Watch the full discussion from America's Newsroom, above.