Can supporters of Republicans and Democrats come together to form an "unstoppable" alliance? In his new book, "Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State," former presidential candidate Ralph Nader argues there are many issues that can bring all Americans together.

Nader explained his positions on Fox and Friends this morning, with Brian Kilmeade pointing out that Republicans like Rand Paul and Rick Santorum are actually on Nader's side on some issues. Nader said his idea isn't only about elections, it's about bringing change on issues where both sides agree.

"It's not just necessarily Republican-Democrat, red state-blue state. It's breaking through on the necessities of what the American people want done in this country and what they don't want done," said Nader, adding that incumbents on both sides need to be pressured on the local level.

One example of where he believes a majority can unite is on tax reform, noting that Americans generally agree that large corporations should not be allowed to hide massive sums in offshore accounts to avoid federal taxes.

"I see this coming all over the country."

Watch his full argument above.