Secretary of State John Kerry has vowed to impose more sanctions against Russia.

“We are not going to sit idly by while Russian elements fan the flames of instability instead of fulfilling the commitments that we made,” Kerry said.

“Of course we’re standing by idly, that’s exactly what our policy is,” Charles Krauthammer said on a “Special Report” panel. “Why would you make such a ridiculous statement which only exposes you to exactly ridicule? Look, what this administration has done is it allowed Russia to define terms of the conflict.”

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Krauthammer said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aim is to make sure elections on May 25 are deemed illegitimate. He said the longer objective is to make the Ukrainian state illegitimate, too.

Watch Krauthammer weigh in on Russia in the video above.

In the video below, Krauthammer talked about the National Climate Assessment issued by the White House. The new and dire global warming report warns of a growing link between human activity and extreme weather across the country. Republicans have expressed concern that the administration is getting ready to push through more regulations that they say will hurt the economy.

Krauthammer said he would sign on to an agreement to reduce emissions as long as other countries, like China, also take the same steps.

If not, then he believes the United States is committing "economic suicide in the name of do-goodism that will not do one iota of good."

He noted that the idea that human-driven carbon emissions are causing floods, droughts, and all types of extreme weather is based more on "superstition" than definitive science.