A survey from The Associated Press-WE TV found that three-fourths of Americans believe it’s acceptable for women to propose. Traditionally, men are the ones tasked with popping the question, and only about five percent of married couples say it was the woman who proposed.

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So if it’s okay for women to ask the question, then why don’t they?

Today’s #oneluckyguy on Outnumbered, Tucker Carlson said he’s for marriage no matter who proposes. But, he questioned, “I wonder though if some women would want the man they marry to be sort of man enough to ask the question.”

Andrea Tantaros agreed with Carlson and surmised that people surveyed didn’t want to seem anti-women.

“You don’t want a guy who’s scared to ask you to marry him to be your husband. Then he’s a total wuss,” Tantaros said.

Sandra Smith had a different take on the survey. While only five percent said the woman popped the question, she thinks that number is closer to 95 percent.

“How many women to do you talk to say, 'oh, I told him this is it,' give him the ultimatum and […] sort of forces the man’s hand in asking for marriage,” she said.

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