Shocking surveillance camera video shows a Navy SEAL veteran being berated by his neighbor on his own porch while he tried to put away his stars and stripes.

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David Hall was a Navy SEAL for 21 years. In 2004 in Iraq, he tried to avoid a grenade, jumped off a roof and busted his knee so badly that he almost lost his leg.

Now, Hall lives in Virginia Beach, where he admits he and his neighbor have been at odds since a dispute over the homeowner’s association a few years ago. But ever since, Hall says the verbal abuse has been relentless.

Hall posted surveillance video to YouTube that shows his neighbor harassing him while he takes down his flag at sunset. The neighbor can be heard cursing at Hall and accusing him of “acting fat and laying around.”

The neighbor says Hall is actually the bully. Hall has decided to put his home up for sale and leave the neighborhood.

Watch the footage above, including the response from Hall.

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