The best beer in the world is closer than you think. Today in the latest installment of ‘My America with Elisabeth Hasselbeck’, meet Shaun Hill. He’s the owner and brewmaster of Hill Farmstead Brewery in Northern Vermont.

Shaun is creating some of the most delicious beer on land that has been in his family for eight generations. He lives in the house that belonged to his grandfather and great-grandfather. Many of the beers he creates are named after people who grew up there.

For Shaun, it’s about keeping a legacy alive. “It sort of dawned on me that I’m here in this place because of the generations that came before me. […] It’s sort of like breathing life into their ghosts.”

When his grandfather passed away, he left the farm to Shaun and his brother Darren. After spending years learning his craft in breweries in Vermont and Copenhagen, Shaun returned home and built the brewery with his brother.

A couple years ago, named it the best brewery in the world. About 70 million gallons of beer is brewed each year.

Hear more about Shaun’s story in the clip above.

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