“Lap dogs, not attack dogs, that describes the press,” Laura Ingraham said in this evening’s Talking Points Memo.

Every year, press and politicians get together for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which has turned into three days of nonstop cocktail parties, dinners, and brunches.

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“What are we really celebrating at this point?” Ingraham asked. “The fact that they’ve missed or underreported some of the biggest stories of the past 10 years?”

Ingraham said that the president and the press shouldn’t be buddies. Reporters should be checking power, not being a cheerleader for a party or point of view.

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“Where were all the questions on ObamaCare before last fall? Why didn’t they push for Sebelius to be replaced early on? And why didn’t they demand answers on the foot-dragging investigation into Benghazi? The fact is for the past six years, most in the press have been in party mode, drunk on its abiding love for the Obamas. But now the country is forced to suffer through the big hangover,” she said.

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