Jase Robertson may be the family funny man, but there’s more behind the beard of this ‘Duck Dynasty’ star. This morning, Jase talked to Fox and Friends about his new book called, “Good Call: Reflection on Faith, Family, and Fowl.”

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The book explores relationships and decisions through his own personal experiences.

“Life is full of choices and decisions,” Jase said. “I made some good ones and some bad ones. I share all, but really I’m hoping to inspire people to make good calls in life that help their relationships.”

Today is his son’s last day of high school before going off to college next fall. In the book, Jase writes about parenting and worrying about being too strict.

Jase recalled a friend telling him that he may be too hard on his son. “The day that I kind of backed off, all of a sudden, he had a complete transformation. And I think that’s what’s interesting about having kids. They all have different personalities and you try to figure out what’s the best way to train them up so that they can be their best.”

When it comes to faith, Jase said not growing up in a church setting helped to shape his thoughts about God.

He said, “The first time I went duck hunting, my dad had recently changed his life. He was going through this incredible transformation. I’m out looking at the beauty of creation, and I’m here with a bunch of other guys and we’re having meaningful talks about life. […] It’s really where I had my first thoughts about God and life.”

Watch the full interview above.

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