Earlier today, rallies were held at a California high school to protest a recent court ruling that prohibits students from wearing American flag apparel to school on Cinco de Mayo.

The controversy dates back to May 5, 2010, when several students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill were forced to take off their American flag t-shirts or go home because they offended some of their Latino classmates.

Gilroy-Morgan Hill Patriots president Georgine Scott-Codiga and immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez debated this issue on “Hannity.”

“It’s not about the flag, it’s about the inciting a fight or inciting uncomfortableness […] we can fly the United States flag every other day of the year, why do we have to take this time to make a point?” Hernandez said, adding that we all have the right to freedom of speech, but schools can implement rules like this one.

Scott-Codiga said the Supreme Court ruling is wrong, stressing that Americans have the right to freedom of speech and should be able to exercise it 365 days a year.

“Since when is the American flag offensive? The American flag is a national symbol of freedom and unity and pride for American people,” Scott-Codiga said. “Why do you need to ban that? Because you can’t control your emotions?”

"The school has the right to set the rules for the school," Hernandez said.

Watch the fiery debate above.

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