A New Jersey family has been reunited with their dog about 18 months after he went missing during Superstorm Sandy

Chuck and Elicia James and their daughter, Alexandra, were on “Fox and Friends” this morning. The family said that Reckless, a brown and white terrier-pit bull mix, disappeared after the storm damaged their home.

Reckless’ collar got caught on the mangled fence that he escaped through.

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“We go up to the normal streets where we usually walked him and things like that, then you start to get desperate, start going places you haven't been,” Chuck said. “The next thing you know, it's an hour and a half, two hours later, and you still don't have him. You leave the gate open and hope he finds his way home.” 

Reckless did indeed find his way home when the James family stopped at a shelter to adopt a new dog for Alexandra’s 10th birthday. He was the first dog in the shelter that the family saw.

Alexandra said that she’s happy that her four-legged friend is home. “I missed him,” she said.

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As for Reckless?

“He re-adjusted really well,” Chuck said. “He ran to the first bed and couch and hasn't moved.”

Watch the family's full interview above.

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