“The Factor” host Bill O’Reilly sat down with Eric Bolling on “Cashin’ In” this week to discuss race in America, electric cars and more.

O’Reilly said America has done a pretty good job of trying to right its past wrongs, in terms of racism. Bolling pointed out that there are extremes on the right, like Cliven Bundy, and extremes on the left, like Al Sharpton.

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O’Reilly said Bundy is a 67-year-old ill-educated rancher, while Sharpton is making money “exploiting the races,” adding that Sharpton wants race-baiting.

“He doesn’t want harmony, he doesn’t want a strong America, he wants to divide us,” O’Reilly said. “He is not a man who is looking out for this country.”

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O’Reilly also weighed in on Tesla, which has decided to open a plant in China after paying off its green energy loans from the government.

While O’Reilly called it a “bad PR move,” he said he doesn’t care who makes electric cars as long as they get made. “The Factor” host said we need to move away from fossil fuels due to geopolitics because he doesn’t want Russian President Vladimir Putin and oil companies to have all the power.

Bolling then asked O’Reilly to deem a few notable people “pinheads” or “patriots.” Watch the clip above to hear what O’Reilly thinks of Cliven Bundy, David Gregory, Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, and even Eric Bolling.

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