A 9-year-old born with underdeveloped fingers is getting a new lease on life, thanks to some tech-savvy high school students in Illinois.

A Boylan High School engineering class has been using 3-D printing technology to create a prosthetic hand for Kylie Wicker, a third-grader at Whitman Post Elementary School in Rockton.

Kylie’s father Jeremy Wicker said he approached the school after reading about using 3-D printing technology to help children with underdeveloped fingers.

Mikey Rodriguez, a student in the class, said he and his classmates were ecstatic when their teacher asked them if they wanted to print a hand for a little girl.

“It just kind of warms your heart, knowing that you’re going to really help someone with, you know, just what you know how to do,” Rodriguez said this morning on “Fox and Friends.”

A prosthetic hand costs upwards of $50,000, but the production cost for Kylie’s hand is just $5.

Kylie recently got to try on the prosthetic. She said it was “very cool” and that she was able to grab both handlebars when riding her bike.

The class is making a few adjustments to the prosthetic, which will be able to pick up things as thin as paper, Jeremy Wicker said.

Watch the full interview above.

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