Asking someone to the prom isn’t what it used to be. “Promposals” seem to become even more extravagant every year. This morning on Fox and Friends, one high school student took it to the next level when she asked her boyfriend to prom on national television!

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Right before Ashley Goldstein was about to perform a cheerleading routine with her team from Rocky Point High School in New York, she asked to give a shout out. That’s when Goldstein dropped the question, “Frank, will you go to prom with me?”

Fox and Friends spoke to Frank Sciulla, Goldstein’s boyfriend since eighth grade, on the phone to get his answer.

“Yes, I’ll go to prom with her,” Sciulla, adding that he was shocked and really happy.

Goldstein said she wanted to top Sciulla’s promposal from last year. “He put prom with a question mark and Christmas lights on the floor and brought me up to the roof, and had his cousin turn them on so when we looked down the lights came on.”

Brian Kilmeade voted, “Yours was so much better.”

Have a fun night, kids, and be home by curfew!

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