Dr. Marc Siegel joined former President George W. Bush and 16 veterans for the annual Wounded Warrior Bike Ride in Texas.  The event is held each spring as part of the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative to raise awareness for veterans’ issues.

This year’s theme focuses on post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Siegel spoke to President Bush about how the VA Department is handling with the overwhelming number of veterans who are suffering from PTSD.  

“The VA system is full of people who care about our vets,” said Bush. “Secondly, it's a large bureaucracy and sometimes large bureaucracies it's hard to create real efficiencies so I understand the frustrations that people have about the VA. The good news is that there is a group of private sectors and NGO's to help fill the void."

Former U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff Peter Chiarelli said, "We need better diagnostics. We have the 20 questions and the psychiatric manual.  We need to understand the biology of it and to me that’s key, finding blood bio markers or other ways to diagnose it and be much more accurate in finding out who has PTSD and who doesn’t.”

The riders took off from Bush’s Prairie Chapel Ranch this week and the race ends Saturday.

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