In a story we’ve been following for weeks, the Department of Veterans Affairs is finally taking action after shocking reports about “secret lists” for veterans waiting to receive health care. Reports indicated that at least 40 veterans died while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix VA Medical Center.

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On Thursday, the VA secretary put three officials, including Director Sharon Helman, on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Veterans are required to be treated within 14 to 30 days. On the secret list, patients waited months and sometimes years to see their primary doctors. Trace Gallagher reported that the secret list may have been destroyed. It would’ve been a key piece of evidence for the inspector general’s investigation.

Last night on The Kelly File, Megyn spoke to Dr. Sam Foote, the story’s whistleblower and a retired VA doctor who spent nearly 25 years at the Phoenix VA health care system.

Megyn asked him about a suggestion that on Saturday, April 20, Associate Director Lance Robinson and others were transferring veterans off the secret list.

Dr. Foote confirmed that suggestion and said that officials made a “monumental effort” to move as many patients off the list before the inspector general arrived.

“It’s just dishonest and it’s potentially criminal,” Megyn commented, praising Dr. Foote for coming forward with this story.

A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that 1.5 million veteran appointments vanished since last May with no way of knowing if the patients received treatment.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. reacted to the latest developments. Watch The Kelly File interview above and check out Johnson's remarks below.

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