Kirsten Powers is often seen on Fox News defending the Obama administration against GOP criticism. But after today's press conference on the new Benghazi emails, Powers was at a loss to defend Jay Carney.

The White House spokesman maintained that some newly released documents were not specifically about Benghazi, but about the broader dynamic surrounding protests across the Muslim world at the time. Carney likened the new outcry to more Republican "conspiracy theories" about the Benghazi attack.

Carney got some pushback from Fox News' Ed Henry, who asked why Ben Rhodes' email was released as part of a FOIA request for documents on Benghazi.

Powers said it's "frustrating" to hear Carney argue that the emails are "obviously" not about Benghazi.

She pointed out that it's clear if you look back at Susan Rice's appearances on Sunday talk shows that "every question was about Benghazi."

"No one was asking about anything else. This was prep to talk about Benghazi," she said.

Watch the full clip from today's edition of Outnumbered.