White House Press Secretary took questions from reporters on the newly released documents on Benghazi. Among the documents is a White House email in which top administration adviser Ben Rhodes outlined goals for then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s appearance on the Sunday talk shows after the Benghazi attack.

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In the email, Rice was directed to underscore that the protests were in reaction to an anti-Islamic video.

Since the release of the documents, the White House has maintained that the email was not concerning Benghazi, despite it being released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request specifically pertaining to Benghazi.

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry asked Carney why those emails were turned over if they were not about Benghazi.

Carney pointed to the State Department’s procedures about how the respond to FOIA requests.

Regardless, he said, “It doesn’t change the fundamental facts about the so-called talking points, which despite great efforts by your organization and others does prove not to be a conspiracy.”

Henry cited retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell's testimony in which he said that hours after the attack, they believed an Al Qaeda-affiliated group was to blame.

So why then, Henry asked, was Ben Rhodes writing an email about the general state of affairs highlighting a video and protests, but not terror.

“I think it’s fair to say that most people remember there were demonstrations around the region … that were in reaction to what people said was an offensive video,” Carney said, adding that those demonstrations took place outside U.S. facilities because the movie was made in this country. 

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