A Florida mother is shocked and outraged after her son was reportedly kicked off the school bus while he was having a seizure. According to the kids on the bus, the driver refused to stop and call for help while 16-year-old Andrew Shepard was having a diabetic seizure.

In an emotional interview on Fox and Friends this morning, the teen’s mom, Cynthia Shepard, recalled the horrifying details of that day. Andrew has diabetes and Addison’s disease, which can cause very low blood pressure and even a coma.

Cynthia said that when her 14-year-old daughter witnessed Andrew having a seizure, she told the bus driver, but he didn’t stop. By the time her daughter got Andrew to the front of the bus, he fell into the seat behind the driver.

“The driver turned around and looked at him and still told my daughter that they had to get off because it was their stop,” Cynthia said.

When they got off the bus, a neighbor rushed over to help while the girl called 911.

Cynthia said Andrew is back at home and recovering. She said the school board has not returned her calls since the day she reported the incident.

FoxNews.com reported:

Both students attend school in Broward County. In a statement sent to FoxNews.com on Wednesday, the school district said, "The safety and well-being of students is always our priority."

"Immediately upon becoming aware of the allegations, the District initiated an investigation, which remains open at this time," the statement said. "The bus driver in question has been removed from any student bus routes pending the outcome of the investigation."

Cynthia believes bus drivers should have medical training so that they’re educated about how to handle these situations.

She said, “For one, when you’re having a seizure you don’t move the person. And he made my daughter pick [Andrew] up and get him off the bus. I believe the driver should be fired.”

Watch the interview above.