May 1st is known as “Decision Day” for high school seniors nationwide. It’s the final day to let many colleges know whether you’re going to accept their offer to attend.

One senior this year may have had the hardest choice to make. Kwasi Enin, of Long Island, New York, was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. In a press conference on Wednesday, Enin announced that he’ll be attending Yale University in the fall.

So how did he choose? Enin said that in the end, Yale offered him the most in financial aid.

Today, The Five co-hosts offered their own tips for choosing the right college.

Greg Gutfeld’s tips included not attending any school that has a speech code, redefine what a cool job is (hint: it’s not behind a desk), and most importantly, don’t do what Gutfeld did in school.

“I wasted two years of my life in college. The first two years were a blur. I have no memory,” he said. “Go out and do something. Learn a trade.”

Andrea Tantaros said she looked at school newspapers to see if conservative voices were represented, that way she knew diversity of thought existed there.

For students who didn’t get into their number one pick, Dana Perino doesn’t want you to feel discouraged. Choosing another school will not limit your career opportunities or future.

“I went to the University of Southern Colorado. I think there were less than five thousand people that went there. But I had a chance to shine there because I had more individual attention,” she said.

And, as we all know, Perino went on to become the second woman to serve as a White House press secretary and now she’s on the number one cable news channel.

For more, check out Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel’s tips in the clip above!