An outraged father spoke out this morning on Fox and Friends alongside his 17-year-old daughter, who was expelled from her Minnesota high school after a pocket knife was found in her locker. Alyssa Drescher, a popular honors student, admitted she made a mistake leaving the knife in her purse, but is questioning the harsh punishment under the school's zero-tolerance policy.

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She explained to Steve Doocy that she only used the knife a few times while helping with farm chores at her boyfriend's house in the rural community south of Minneapolis.

The knife was discovered a few weeks ago during a random drug search United South Central High School in Wells. They went into her locker after police dogs smelled what turned out to be perfume. Supporters of Alyssa have set up a Facebook page, calling for school administrators to change their minds.

Rick Drescher has hired an attorney in an effort to get his daughter back in school as she gets ready for college next fall. He pointed out that another student - whose parent is a school board member - received a three-day suspension for a similar mistaken violation of the school's "weapons" policy.

Alyssa argues the punishment is "excessive," saying she wants to speak out on behalf of all other teens who've received harsh suspensions under similar policies. If the expulsion stands, she will be unable to attend her senior prom.

Doocy asked: where's the common sense in cases like this?

"For Alyssa to make good choices throughout her life and then to make one simple mistake. You know, it's not really even a mistake. She clearly just forgot that the knife was in her purse," said Rick, adding punishments like this do "no good" for any student.

According to CBS Minnesota, the superintendent and school board members - who voted unanimously to uphold the expulsion - have not commented on their decision.

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