A story of heroism is emerging out of the deadly tornadoes that struck the Little Rock, Arkansas area Sunday. Christian Gunter, 19, made sure 10 disabled veterans made it to safety as the storm barreled through a long-term care facility in Vilonia.

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Gunter, who manages the home for mentally and physically disabled ex-soldiers, discussed his actions this afternoon with Gretchen Carlson. He explained that he was already there when the tornado came through.

Gunter made sure he got all the vets loaded into a vehicle and transported to a church about a mile away that serves as a storm shelter. The home sustained major damage as parts of the roof were torn off.

"It's always our priority to take the best care of them that we can possibly do. Our guys have risked a lot and it's a great opportunity for us to help them out," he said.

Gunter's home was destroyed by the twister.

Watch the interview above.

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