Republican lawmakers are slamming President Barack Obama, saying that he isn’t doing enough to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Today, 22 Republican senators introduced new measures that would toughen sanctions and increase U.S. support for armed forces of our allies on Russia’s border.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the crisis in Ukraine is very serious.

“Putin is gonna push as far as he can until he sees that the cost is too high and the resistance too great, and there’s too much to lose,” he said.

“Except for energy, they’re not a great superpower,” Rumsfeld said, citing health and pollution problems, as well as a declining life expectancy among adult males. He said it’s up to the United States to start using its energy sources to reduce Western dependency on Russia.

Rumsfeld said the behavior of the Obama administration is creating a vacuum that’s being filled by people who don’t have our values. He also touched on the administration’s relationship with Israel, referencing a “series of potholes” and stressing that the U.S. must have a healthy relationship with the country.

Watch the full interview above.

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