Secretary of State John Kerry quickly walked back comments he made on Monday about Israel becoming an “apartheid state.” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) urged Kerry to apologize to Israel’s government and people. Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz even called for Kerry’s resignation on The Kelly File last night.

Krauthammer: Kerry’s Reported Israel ‘Apartheid’ Remark ‘A Resigning-Type Statement’

By the end of the day, Kerry stated: "I have been around long enough to also know the power of words to create a misimpression, even when unintentional, and if I could rewind the tape, I would have chosen a different word to describe my firm belief that the only way in the long term to have a Jewish state and two nations and two peoples living side by side in peace and security is through a two state solution.”

Today on Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham said that Kerry’s comments point to a larger concern from Jewish Americans and supporters of Israel who were worried President Obama would not continue a strong relationship with Israel.

Igraham said, “The word apartheid is very charged, right. It’s like the word holocaust. And apartheid means economic and social and political disenfranchisement … and institutionalized discrimination.”

While she doesn’t believe Kerry will resign over one comment, he will have to do some damage control. She also believes the Obama administration’s policies are the real problem.

“This kind of confirms what a lot of us believe about the president’s approach to Israel and Middle East peace. I mean it’s always Israel’s fault.” Ingraham said, noting that Israel is the United States' only ally that’s a democracy in the Middle East.

Switching gears to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Ingraham weighed in on the Democrat from Massachusetts who some are speculating may run for president in 2016.

On The Daily Show, Sen. Warren told Jon Stewart that capitalism is a rigged system that only allows for the rich to get richer and the powerful to gain more power.

Steve Doocy reacted, “Wait a minute, she lives in a mansion. She was paid $350,000 dollars to teach one class at Harvard and I believe she’s worth north of $10 million dollars. She’s a one percenter.”

Ingraham charged that Warren is against policies that hurt the middle class, including opposing the Keystone pipeline and supporting immigration amnesty.

“She’s got to change her policies to have any credibility on 'oh boohoo the middle class.' She is hurting the middle class by advocating stupid policies that end up hurting American productivity and wages,” Ingraham said.