Listen up parents: kids who eat chicken drumsticks are more likely to be aggressive than those who eat their chicken chopped into pieces … because, science?

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According to a new study, researchers at Cornell University found that children who eat chicken on the bone are twice as likely to disobey adults and be aggressive toward other kids. Biting food, researchers found, appears to increase activity level, aggression and noncompliance.

Today on Happening Now, Jenna Lee spoke to clinical psychologist Dr. Brian Russell about the truth behind the study.

Dr. Russell was skeptical right off the bat. “I put absolutely zero chicken stock in this study. I think people have been eating chicken wings, chicken drumsticks for a millennia and I don’t think it’s made them any more aggressive than they otherwise would have been.”

Researchers recommended that parents do not serve children chicken on the bone shortly before bedtime or in the company of dinner guests, but Dr. Russell said parents need not worry.

“If you buy two lottery tickets, you’re twice as likely to win and you’re still not going to win," he said, disputing that children really become twice as aggressive.

What do you think about this study?

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