With more men opting to be stay-at-home parents, there’s a growing trend of “daddy showers.” No women are allowed when dad-to-be and his best buds get together to celebrate the man behind the baby bump.

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What can you expect at a daddy shower? Anything goes from baby bottle beer contests to keg parties where the entrance fee is bag of diapers.

Today on Outnumbered, Jedediah Bila said she knows someone who had a daddy shower.

“I was not invited … but they had a lot of TVs, lots of sports going on,” she said of her friend who will remain anonymous. “He was so involved, he picked out the invitations. I think it was a beer bottle on the invitation.”

Today’s #oneluckyguy, Brian Kilmeade, is not a fan of this event. “I do not feel comfortable even reading about this,” he said. “Can we let guys by guys and girls be girls.”

Sandra Smith agreed with Brian. “The woman has to carry the child for nine months [and] have the child. Shouldn’t she be in the spotlight here?”

Brian countered his own argument, saying that if the man has to go Lamaze classes and be in the delivery room, they might as well have a party.

“Have you ever been pregnant?” Kimberly Guilfoyle chided, to which Brian said, “No, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was in that documentary.”

Right, because that was real.

“What about tit for tat? What if women started jazzing up their parties for certain occasions? Like what if our bachelorette parties were way more off the hook than bachelor parties?” Harris Faulkner wondered.  

What do you think about this topic – should men have daddy showers?

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