Dan Darling, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, never hesitated to answer the call to serve his country. But after a recent accident, he called on a Phoenix VA hospital to help him, and his wife said they let him down.

Jo Darling told Ainsley Earhardt that after months of waiting for X-rays, MRIs and bone scans, Dan was referred to a neurosurgeon and told that he needed a procedure in which doctors inject surgical cement into his back.

Dan, 65, has had a broken back since December. The doctor told him that if the surgery was done within six months, it would likely be successful. The surgery still hasn’t happened.

Jo said she has let the phone ring at the VA hospital for up to an hour before finally hanging up in disgust. She also told Earhardt that the hospital has shut off its emails and that the only way to contact anyone is to physically show up to the hospital.

“This is a man who has loved life […] I have to go places and do things without the love of my life because he’s in so much pain,” she said.

Dan's friend, fellow war vet Martin Blattel, said it took the VA nearly a year to get him his hearing aids. He choked up talking to Earhardt about Dan, telling her “I don’t know how he does it.”

Jo said she believes in the reported secret list that the VA kept, saying there is definitely a cover-up going on. Her message to the VA hospital?

“Shape up, take care of our American heroes. They deserve better.”

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