At least 14 people are dead after a monster tornado ripped through Arkansas, also leaving homes and businesses demolished in its 80-mile path.

CHILLING VIDEO: Man Recites Lord's Prayer as Massive Tornado Moves In

Mark Ausbrooks survived the tornado at his parents’ house in Mayflower, Arkansas. Today on Shepard Smith Reporting, Ausbrooks recalled seeing the sky turning dark as the tornado moved closer.

Ausbrooks said, “Up until the last second I just kept saying it wouldn’t ever happen to us, you know. And that’s when we were standing out – me and my father – under the carport, and that’s when the weather started getting bad. And my mother was hysterical, yelling at us to run for safety and that’s when we did.”

Ausbrooks and his parents hunkered down in the closet in their den, shut the door and started praying.  

That’s when a huge tree landed on the den. “You felt the roof lift off,” he said. “And then it was gone, like that.”

The completely destroyed house sits on Ausbrooks’ grandparent’s property. He said the land that he grew up on is now unrecognizable. Right now they’re digging through the rubble to save what valuables and antiques are left.

Thankfully, Ausbrooks and his elderly parents walked away without a scratch.  

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