An update to bring you following last week's shocking reports about "secret waiting lists" within the veterans health care system in Arizona. Reports indicated at least 40 veterans died while awaiting appointments at the Phoenix VA Medical Center, prompting calls for an investigation and Senate hearings.

'Pushed Aside Like an Animal': Vet Dies While Unable to Get Care Through VA

The man who blew the whistle on the alleged secret lists, Dr. Sam Foote, talked to Martha MacCallum this morning. Foote pointed the finger at Sharon Helman, director of the Phoenix VA Health Care System, who denies any knowledge of "secret lists."

Foote, who worked for 24 years in the Phoenix VA system, said the list amounted to a "scam" and began in February 2013. He charged that Helman "came up with" the idea in an effort to "further her career and get a bonus."

Foote accused the VA hospital of creating a paper file when a new patient came in, but not adding that patient to the electronic database. He said the idea was to "evade the VA's creation date software, which is how they track the actual, real waiting times."

Responding to Helman's denial, Foote said there are documents that show she knew what was going on as early as July 2013. Foote said he learned recently that Helman received a bonus of more than $9,000, questioning whether higher-ups within the VA knew what was "really going on" or were being deceived by Helman.

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