Which type of cheating do you think is worse – emotional or physical?  That hot topic was discussed on today’s premiere of Outnumbered, Fox News Channel's new daytime show.

A new study found that men were more upset if they discovered their partner had sex with someone else, while women were more upset by a spouse’s emotional cheating.

Co-host Sandra Smith disagreed with the women polled in this study. She said that physical cheating is “by far and away” worse than emotional infidelity.

So what did today’s "one lucky guy" Tucker Carlson have to say about this touchy subject?

He wasn’t surprised by the study’s results, noting that it reflects what each gender is more focused on.

Carlson was also quick to admit that men do terrible things. “I am a man. I live with a man in my head every day. […] I mean I think they’ve done a good job building skyscrapers and fighting wars and stuff, but I’m not going to defend them morally.”

When asked by Kimberly Guilfoyle what type of cheating he thinks is worse, Carlson wisely responded, “I don’t care for any of it.”

Harris Faulkner also weighed in saying, “When you say endearing things to another, when you are heart-to-heart, that to me is more hurtful because it leaves less wedge room for the actual relationship.”

Where do you stand on this issue? Watch the Outnumbered discussion to hear more from Kimberly Guilfoyle, Sandra Smith, Jedediah Bila, Harris Faulkner and today’s #oneluckyguy, Tucker Carlson.

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