Ask a kindergartner what his or her favorite part of the day is and they probably won’t answer, “Prepping for the SATs.”

Well, one school on Long Island, New York is canceling its annual kindergarten play because it believes five and six year olds should focus on college and getting a job.

The principal at Avenue Primary School in Elmwood wrote in a letter to parents: “The reason for eliminating the Kindergarten show is simple. We are responsible for preparing children for college and career with valuable lifelong skills and know that we can best do that by having them become strong readers, writers, coworkers and problem solvers.”

Now, some parents are protesting the school’s decision by signing an online petition.

On today’s premiere of Outnumbered, Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, Jedediah Bila, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Tucker Carlson discussed the outrageousness of this move. Each of the hosts agreed that kids need to be kids.  

“Life is stressful enough,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said. “In New York City, they got them in Manchurian class and violin.”

Faulkner, whose youngest child turned five this week, said, “She’s not prepared for anything outside of chewing on that eraser, God love her.”

She said children today are already under a lot of pressure and adding more expectations onto a child is too much.

Carlson agreed, adding, “What kind of horrible, careerist parent would even consider something like this. Who would think about a five year old’s college prospects? That in itself is a violation of some natural order.”

He wondered whether college in its current form will even exist 20 years from now with the amount of college debt.

Jedediah Bila thinks this issue is actually about the adults. Parents, she said, are competing with each other over whose kid is the superstar in school.  

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