The NBA is facing a scandal this morning over racist comments allegedly made in a leaked audiotape by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The league is said to be investigating the authenticity of the audio, which TMZ obtained and published on its website.

In the recording, Sterling is allegedly heard telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to Clippers games after the woman posted an Instagram photo alongside Magic Johnson. The comments have drawn a harsh response across the league, with President Obama even weighing in from Asia, calling the comments "ignorant" and "incredibly offensive."

In a dramatic display yesterday, the Clippers came together at center court and turned their warmup shirts inside out. Coach Doc Rivers said the team even discussed boycotting Game 4 of the first-round playoff series at Golden State.

William La Jeunesse reported the latest details from L.A. this morning (video above) as the NBA tries to decide its next move. La Jeunesse went over the details of Sterling's marital problems and how the audiotape came to light.

The NBA is expected to make an announcement before Tuesday night, when the Clippers host the Warriors in Game 5 of the series. The league could suspend Sterling from operating the team and/or impose a hefty fine. La Jeunesse reported that the NBA can force out an owner because of insolvency, but not for behavioral reasons.

Meantime, Donald Trump reacted this morning on Fox and Friends, calling it a "terrible mess." Trump said he believes NBA Commissioner Adam Silver "will make the right decision."

Trump said he doesn't think Silver has any choice other than "expelling" Sterling from the league in some form, noting it will be a "complicated" process.

Watch Trump's reaction below: