Charles Krauthammer tonight weighed in on the race controversy surrounding Donald Sterling and whether it’s reflective of our nation as a whole.

“I think we’ve had a remarkable success,” Krauthammer said of the fight against racism. He said President Barack Obama’s comments on Sterling had the right tone, as he referenced the progress the nation has made.

Krauthammer noted that we had legal segregation just 50 years ago, and now, if someone says something racist, “they’re done.” He said it speaks to the incredible changes in the thinking of this country.

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Krauthammer also said that he feels the issue of racism is generational, noting that Sterling, Cliven Bundy and Paula Deen are all older.

“In my son’s generation – he’s in his twenties – this is so different that I think you can see this is a problem that is literally dying with a generation that grew up in a different day,” he said. Krauthammer added that this doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist in younger generations, just that it’s more prevalent in older ones.

Hear more of Krauthammer’s thoughts in the video above.

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