Two squatters who have been living in a Florida soldier’s home have finally moved out.

The move was driven by community outrage that Julio Ortiz and his girlfriend could take over Spc. Michael Sharkey’s home with no consequences.

Ortiz alleged that he had a verbal agreement with a friend to live in the home rent-free while fixing it up. The sheriff’s office says this is a civil matter and won’t intervene.

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"The people that are in this house cannot produce any documentation, lease, agreement, anything that they belong in that house," Sharkey said.

What’s more is that Ortiz has spent a combined 12 years in prison in New Jersey for robbery, carjacking, and selling drugs on school property.

Retired Navy officer Lauren Price helped to get the squatters out of Sharkey’s home. She was on “Fox and Friends” to discuss the case.

Price said that being a squatter is not a crime in Florida, but Ortiz and his girlfriend are facing charges from Duke Energy for theft of services. Price said her group is also working with the sheriff’s department because the couple was allegedly stealing water, too.

Watch the full interview above.

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