Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was on “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss Facebook, marketing and the key to success.

Sandberg discussed the company’s first quarter results. She said the company grew its overall revenue 72 percent and boosted its ad revenue 82 percent year over year.

"The consumer shift is real, and I think marketing trends follow consumer trends,” she told Maria Bartiromo, adding that last year was the first year that the average user spent more time on mobile and desktop than on TV.

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Still, Sandberg noted that two-thirds of the world isn’t online, and she said that Facebook is focused on building connectivity across the globe.

When asked about the key to her success, Sandberg cited a great education.

“I really worry about our competitiveness as a country because we’re not providing that great education to every student,” she said.

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Sandberg also said we need women fully engaged in leadership and men fully engaged at home, calling it critical to businesses and our economy.

Watch her full interview above.