Judge Jeanine Pirro took on the IRS last night for bonuses awarded to employees who owe back taxes. Read the transcript below.

Do you work by the hour? 

Do you budget for food?

For rent?

For mortgage?

For health care?

Do you pay your bills on time?

Pay your taxes?

If you do, I'm betting you don't work for the IRS!

This week, we find out that IRS employees - many of whom don't pay their taxes, who've been disciplined for conduct issues - still got paid, still got bonuses, and then got extra time off!

If you recall, last year during the sequester, the idea of giving bonuses to people in the IRS was put off for awhile. So we now find out that they're giving the bonuses out. So why give bonuses or extra time off to a federal employee who's got a job, who's got time off, free health care, sick time, vacation time and a pension?

And why reward employees for performance they're already being paid for?

The IRS says that the reason for the bonuses is "to ensure the proper stewardship of government funds and effectiveness of the awards system."

What awards system? They get awarded every week they get a pay check!  Who put this system in place? Why wasn't it canceled? Why wasn't it subject to the sequester?  Hell, if you can close the White House on Easter to little kids, and if you can cut military benefits while people literally die before they get to see a VA doctor, why do these people get bonuses and time off? Why?

To keep everyone from talking, maybe? Remember those rogue IRS agents in Cincinnati? Surely they didn't get bonuses? That would be like hush money, wouldn't it?

But folks, they did get bonuses. Lois Lerner got $42,000 in bonuses.

In a two-year period, 2,800 employees were disciplined and still received $2.8 million in bonuses and 22,000 extra hours off.  

And get this one: 1,100 employees who didn't pay their taxes still got cash rewards, bonuses and time off.

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