Below is the transcript from Judge Jeanine Pirro's opening statement on Harry Reid.

This week, United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continued trashing ordinary Americans over land grabs. And you need to be concerned because the land grabs haven't ended. And who knows? Will your land be next?

Reid labeled opponents of his federal land grab "domestic terrorists," this after calling terminally ill cancer patients who say they've lost their doctors "liars" and calling a prominent family that builds hospital wings, schools, and gives away hundreds of millions of dollars to charity "un-American."

Senator Reid, the name calling goes both ways. Senator, I've decided to change your name to Harry, Dirty Harry.

The story that I'm about to tell you starts with Dirty Harry's long time senior aide - his puppet on a string - with virtually no experience at the Bureau of Land Management - who now runs it.   

That bureau today eyeing 116 miles on the border between Texas and Oklahoma, an estimated 90,000 acres that BLM says belongs to the public.

So what's behind these land grabs? Are they really about protected animals like tortoises and owls, or might Dirty Harry be up to something more sinister?  

The state of Nevada is essentially desert. For years, Dirty Harry introduced bills transferring federal land to county commissioners to sell to profiteers building homes and shopping malls - not giving a damn about tortoises routinely killed - sanctioned by the BLM. Tortoises be damned!

Fast forward - a newfound concern for the tortoise!  How dare the cattle graze where the tortoise should roam!

Dirty Harry is so incensed that armed military type agents come in like storm troopers. The BLM with no police authority comes in like military paratroopers... to move some cows? You need snipers to move cows? Really?

And miraculously you back off for so-called - quote - safety reasons?  So Harry, why did your guys show up armed to the teeth like they were about to fight al Qaeda if you were so concerned about safety?

A little primer here: if a developer wants to build a mall or a solar energy complex where protected species live, they have to find a "mitigation area" to move the protected species - here, the tortoise.  

Bottom line: building where there's a protected animal requires that you move that animal somewhere else where it can survive.  

This is bigger than Bundy, whose recent comments, by the way, were outrageous.

And herein lies the rub. Dirty Harry's son is in a law firm that represents a Chinese company that wants to develop the largest solar energy complex in America in - guess where - Nevada, on land occupied by the tortoise. On land Harry's son helped locate for the Chinese and helped them purchase at well below market value. Appraisal? Between $28 and $36 million. Purchase price? $4.5 million.

Harry himself is pals with the owner of that Chinese company, energy tycoon Wang Yu Suo, who hosted Dirty Harry in china, and who Harry featured at one of his events.  

How to seal the deal? Get rid of those pesky tortoises.

Query: where should the Chinese put the tortoise? Harry and his puppet have the answer. Harry proposes a mitigation area.  

The BLM actually posts documents on its website designating the mitigation area so that the solar power project can move forward. Unfortunately there are cattle there.   

At first blush, everyone said this land grab has nothing to do with the solar energy plant because that was going to be 50 miles away.  

But folks, it has everything to do with the land grab. The land where the cattle grazed was the mitigation area the BLM posted so that the solar power project could go forward, bingo. In true Dirty Harry mode, move those cows so we can move the tortoises there so that Harry's pal and the Chinese clients of Harry's son can build the solar energy plant.  

Guess what?  The BLM deletes the document that was titled: Cattle Trespass Impacts Solar Development. A little too incriminating, don't you think?

It's no surprise that people who represent us in Congress are more concerned with lining their own pockets and the pockets of their family members than they are of representing us.  

Dirty Harry's arrogance, condescension, and name calling is only surpassed by his chutzpah!

Dirty Harry came into Congress with $1.8 million - making a couple hundred thousand a year - reports a net worth of more than $10 million.   

Harry, here's what I think: the questions were getting a little too close for comfort so you called off your paramilitary raid on the cows using safety as an excuse.

Safety had nothing to do with it, unless you're talking about the safety of your reputation. Harry, in my other life I did investigations, presented cases to grand juries day in and day out.

Oh to be a prosecutor again...

Oh to present this to a grand jury...

Oh to put Dirty Harry under oath on the witness stand...

Oh to say, 'Go ahead Harry, lie to me now...'

Lie to me under oath.

Go ahead, Harry...

Make my day.

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