A college dropout with barely any math education became a mathematical genius after a traumatic brain injury.

Jason Padgett became an acquired savant in the area of mathematics after he was jumped outside of a Tacoma, Wash., bar 12 years ago. Before the attack, he only had pre-algebra skills.

“It took me awhile to really grasp what I was seeing,” he said about the way his perception of the world changed after the attack. He said a physicist saw him drawing, and it looked mathematical. He got Padgett to go back to college, where he met his wife.

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Padgett told the hosts of “Fox and Friends” that the attack and brain injury “profoundly changed the way [he] viewed the world.” He said he didn’t leave his house for three years, got OCD and suffered from PTSD after the attack.

Still, Padgett said he would go through the ordeal all over again.

“The universe is opened up to me […] and I can understand things I never thought I would even have a chance [to],” he said.

Padgett wrote a book about his experience, entitled, “Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel.” It’s on sale now.

Watch Padgett’s full interview above.

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