A charter school group in New Orleans is reportedly charging parents a $25 detention fee for unruly students.

“The program includes counseling by a licensed social worker for students and parents to address the root causes of the behavior,” Algiers Charter School said in a statement.

“Look, if your child is disruptive enough that they have to be sent to a Saturday detention then parents need to know that, right? And I think a fine may be that important wakeup call,” Sabrina Schaeffer said.

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Elizabeth MacDonald said some charter schools also force parents to attend detention with the students, and she said that works.

Rich Karlgaard said he would add a third punishment: Make the kids earn minimum wage by sweeping the floors.

“Charter schools exist because there is a lot of disorder in too many public schools, so they have to take disruptive students very seriously and get the message to parents,” Karlgaard said.

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