Two people are learning that it may be best to leave the wedding crashing to Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Pennsylvania newlyweds Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly tied the knot back in January. Among the revelers were two strangers who decided to crash their special day.

At first, the bride thought it was funny. Then, she became angry when she realized the two crashers were in a ton of her wedding photos and videos. They also drank and ate the food that the newlyweds had paid for.

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"I think it's tacky. I think it's rude because it's someone's special day and they're impeding on it," Lamlin said.

Lamlin posted the crashers’ photo on the WPVI Facebook page in hopes that someone would be able to identify them. They have since reached out and apologized.

The crashers said they were at the resort where the wedding was being held and that it was the first time they had crashed an event.

Lamlin accepted the couple’s apology but declined their suggested gift.

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